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  • Jul 30

    New World Deli


Hello Friends and Neighbors!

Welcome to my neighborhood! 


Life is good!  Hope yours is as well.

Happy to report that I've begun playing at a wonderful new venue called STINSON'S.  There are 2 locations and I'll be playing at both of them.  As of this writing, we're working on a regular schedule.  As soon as we nail it down, I'll let you all know!  I'm still playing at the NEW WORLD DELI on my regular 3rd Wednesday.


I'll be sitting in w/ the lovely and uber talented SUSAN HERNDON on Wed 8/30 at NEW WORLD DELI!  We'll kick off around 7:30.

I've done some remodeling in the "Audio" page.  I've loaded the entire BOSCO MARTIN CD and it's available for streaming.  I've also added all the lyrics.  There's always room for a little BOSCO!

Also, I've been recording some new songs w/ BRADLEY KOPP who has joined me on several gigs.  I'll be loading them here under the "Audio" tab for your dining and dancing pleasure..

In other news, you can now order THE RETURN OF BOSCO MARTIN directly from this site.  Just go to the "STORE" page.  Already have a copy but still want to donate to the COLON CANCER ALLIANCE?  There is now  a "DONATE" button in the STORE.  And--THANK YOU in advance!



Be good to yourselves!


Peace, Joel