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Joel McColl and David Pulkingham

New World Deli, 4101 Guadalupe, Austin, TX

One of my absolute favorite song swap partners.  David is an amazing and well celebrated guitarist and I've been looking forward to sitting in with him.

Merry Christmas!


Does This Taste Funny?

New World Deli, 4101 Guadalupe, Austin, TX

Steve Brooks, Don Berryhill and myself will be presenting the lighter side of life.  With all the BS in the world, we think it's time for some humorous music!


Joel McColl, Brian Kalinec and Ken Gaines

JP Hops House, Houston, TX

Two of my favorite writers and performers and mainstays of the Houston music scene!  An honor to play with them!


Joel McColl and Barbara Nesbitt

New World Deli, 4101 Guadalupe, Austin, TX

Barbara is a wonderful songwriter, an amazing vocalist and a virtual volcano of energy and passion.  I've been wanting to share a stage with her for quite awhile!




Re:Hab Bar, 1658 Enid St, Houston, TX



Various showcases

SWRFA, Midtown Holiday Inn, 6000 Middle Fiskville RD, Austin, TX

The annual Southwest Regional Folk Alliance is here!  I'll be sitting in with Paul Barker and Hillary Adamson on the First Timers Panel 9:00 Fri morning.  In addition, I'll be in 3 showcases:  Handshake Mgt, 4:50, Rm 909 People's Republic of Austin, 11:00, Rm 804 N TX Venue, 1:10 am, Rm 915

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